Oh it been a busy spring thus far! Each month near the end of the month I will begin featuring a newsletter post summarizing what I have been up to and what to expect of me in coming months. style="text-align: left;">Firstly I would like to thank you for being so wonderful. I know personally how much every minute of your day is precious, and I am deeply grateful for your daily visits. For the next week until Friday March 30th I am offering 10% off the item of your choice in my Etsy shop. Upon checking out use the promo code "SoThankful". Being their craft blogger I offer children themed craft tutorials that I do with my own children, photograph, then write up and post. I have already written my first tutorial, and will be sharing it as soon as it officially airs. The editor will be introducing me in her editorial in the upcoming May issue. Read about it here. I recently submitted an article, various artwork samples, and my Paintingbliss blog banner to Somerset Studio Artful Blogging division. fingers crossed! I am EXCITED to share that I have been accepted for the upcoming July Issue of Somerset Studio Magazine!! This is my 3rd acceptance in less than a year! While entering their calls and challenges I have also been working on a set of 4 themed pieces of art. I will soon be writing an accompanying article and submitting it to them in hopes of a spread. again, fingers crossed! I attempted to keep a sketchbook for a whole 5 days. and have given up. well not given up because I don give up. Sometimes it takes doing something you don usually do to realize why you don style="text-align: left;">Last month I applied for a Bootcamp for Performing, Literary and Visual Artists of the Capital and Mid-Hudson Region of New York State called MARK. This is a unique opportunity for an individualized focus on the professional and business side of my creative practice. I really hope I get accepted, and I can wait to learn new things related to my art as a successful career. I should hear back any day now! I added a series as you probably noticed call Motivational Mondays! Everyone seems to really like this, and I do too! Mowgli the cat has also started blogging for me on days I just can stand to be inside. He a real life saver! style="text-align: left;">Last but not least, I guest posted for the lovely Miss Suki of The Owl Club, and offered Marie the Owl as a giveaway. Marie has flown the nest all the way to Prague in the Czech Republic! Good thing she took her nest with her (hand crocheted by yours truly). Along with guest posting on The Owl Club, I have sponsored The Enchated Pixie for the month of March where I guest posted an interview and offered a one of a kind piece of artwork as a giveaway. Phew! Now that a lot, now isn it! And you know what? I probably forgot something! Along with all of this I am taking care of my home, husband, and 3 young boys aged 1-6! Oh and I sometimes sleep! HA HA! I in my studio each late afternoon and after dinner, and more so on the weekends. If you are interested in commissioning a piece of artwork please contact me " target="_self">here. I LOVE the challenge of creating a beautiful image from someones idea. It a thrill :) Mother Day is coming and it always nice for mom to recieve something truly personal and one of a kind. style="text-align: left;">As always you can find me here. style="text-align: center;">Facebook * Twitter * Hellocotton *Eat-Art*Spoonflower*" target="_self">Email*Etsy Just a note about following me on Twitter. I share a lot more photos on Twitter than I do here. I am constantly sharing updates, my day to day thoughts, and fun on the spot pics. So if you on Twitter, follow me! :) I often share works in progress as well! Thanks everyone for your dedication, daily visits, and general interest in my artwork and the things I do! You all the best! class="entry-footer"> Wow, Ashlie, I LOVE this post - just seeing everything you been up to (well, not everything, but LOTS of things!) gathered onto one page is so lovely and impressive! It so exciting seeing everything you got going on. I seriously don know how you manage to do it all! Congratulations, and may this busy and exciting winter lead to ever more success and happiness in spring and summer! Also, I never commented on your EAT ART post, but I think it so wonderful that you were accepted there and that you contributing to a very cool project. I try to put the word out in a blog post at some point.